Nand Chaturvedi.

That fort was razed

In spite of a glorious past

Those brave women jumped into the fire

For their wretched, impotent husbands

To love who knew not


Beautiful ’n unrivaled were they

Being dead

Free were they now

The husbands

To sing love’s eulogy


Nobody was there

To visualize life

Which they gave


They came on foot

Or in palanquins


Or in a group

Silent, sad or sobbing

Embracing their husbands

Or cursing them

Lead by an old

Or an adolescent maybe


A Little light quivered

A man stood on the spire

The kids either slept

Or kept shrieking


For Shanti-paath

The Brahmins must have come

‘N must have said:

Here again they will come

For the remaining

Life to live


History only talks of death

It is life that must search

What happened hereafter








Nand Chaturvedi.

Spring is my companion


Dust filled streets

The city and Vasantsena

Mere stories

Which become bygones

Like a dust storm in the infinite


Spring is a laughing river


The colour of leaves

Of so many pigments made

For the languid earth


Let grief return, if it would

On a luminous peak

I would stand like Palash

Viewing all around

The fading sunlight’n shade







Translated by Ashutosh Mohan from theoriginal Hindi poems of the renowned poet Nand Chaturvedi.

Ashutosh Mohan